October 9, 2020

Charlotte’s Web
We finished our first chapter book of kindergarten this week on Thursday when we completed Charlotte’s Web. We had a mini celebration today by talking about our favorite parts of the book, and coloring some of the beautiful illustrations found in the book. We won’t jump into the next chapter book right away, but instead will spend some time next week during writer’s workshop digesting the book further.

Tooth Poll
1. Pole: A rope that is hard like metal that you can slide down, like on the playground.
2. Poll: A question you ask a lot of people or a group of people.

Math this week has centered on our poll question posed to the Parker student body: How old were you when you lost your first tooth? Each student was given a small square of paper upon arrival, and asked to deposit it in one of 8 baskets: I haven’t lost a tooth yet, 3-years-old, 4-years-old, 5-years-old, 6-years-old, 7-years-old, 8-years-old and I don’t remember when I lost my first tooth. The results are in and we’ve begin to process the data. Using one-to-one correspondence, we carefully counted each response. Next week, we will look at the different ways to represent and understand the numbers!

We even had a middle schooler, George, come share the story of when he lost his first tooth!

The start of the use of iPads in the classroom has stirred a lot of excitement and we will continue to familiarize ourselves with this tool in the days and weeks ahead. We are currently using the Wet Dry Try app on the iPads to augment our handwriting curriculum. This is a fantastic app that is available for purchase to use at home, but I request that if this interests you that you please delay purchasing until we have had the chance to go through the curriculum together in the classroom in its entirety first.

Our investigation into self-identity continues as we mixed more skin-toned paint to match our own complexions. We painted swatches of color, and worked hard to name our own personal colors:

Leigh: Soft Sunset Pink
Julian: Pink Tan Sand
Otto: Wooden Door Light Brown
Charlie: Family Peach
Alex: Bright Tiger Tan
Caleb: Fall Leave Peach
Benjamin: Table Wood
Jaymin: Brown Mountain Leaves
Harrison: Marker Holder Light Brown
Blair: Investigation of Autumn Leaves
Ida: Backyard Fence Wood
Warren: Spider Tan

We also used the flesh-toned paints to experiment and mix new colors. We used our special colors and those we used for experimentation to create a beautiful brown rainbow.

I hope this work has, and will continue to inspire dialog and contribute to on-going conversation in your homes surrounding the descriptive language of color and identity!

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