October 23, 2020

Emotions and Identity
We’ve spent some time lately thinking about, naming and describing the many emotions we can feel as humans. After reading several picture books together over a few days, we generated a list of emotion words together as a class:


The children were then asked to select 6 emotion words, including one that describes how they feel most of the time. They then drew representations of those feelings onto skin-toned circles of color that we printed a few weeks ago using muffin tins.

Later, they were given a printed list of the words, asked to cut out the words with scissors, then glued them to the corresponding faces. We have their work hanging in the classroom on one of our gallery walls, and they serve a nice reminder to check in with our feelings and the feelings of others. After all, we may look different but everyone experiences emotion.

A Special Place
This week we have quietly auditioned in outdoor workspace in the woods. While we love using our yard for casual work throughout the day, stories, snack, etc., we were feeling like we’d like to be in the woods more, especially during this special season of Fall. There’s a spot that we’ve hiked to that is seclude and beautiful with lots of elements to interact with.

Earlier this week, we studied the leaves in this space, choosing several to trace and look at deeply, adding the details of veins.

Today we read Robert Frost’s famous poem, A Road Less Traveled, and then looked to our own feelings and observations to author a group poem to describe the feeling of being in this special space:

How great great it is to breath the air here.
In this woods, it feels comfortable,
With the colorful leaves breezing everywhere;
red, yellow, even green. Some are brown.
The cool wind makes us feel like we’re floating,
like we’re flying,
like we are free.
We are building here and making plans.
This is our place.
It feels good here, with our friends, in the woods.

Author: someone that did write the words of the book.

Poem: a little story. Sometimes it rhymes.

A few more pictures from our week that might spark a conversation…

  1. A leftover campfire enjoyed by our group with some spooky storytelling
  2. Homemade worksheets replicating our math work this week
  3. Long walks in autumn woods
  4. Following up on our poll question with students who were absent

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